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But Judaism gives us something constant that we can hold onto if we consistently work on it. By talking to the One who is the unchanging Core behind everything that we see. God expects us to believe in ourselves as much as we believe in Him. But he can pass the test only if he believes he can. Bitachon means, fundamentally, the understanding that Hashem is doing what is right.” Rav Avigdor Miller I want to tell my son that the boys will come home safely. I do know that God is always doing what is right for each one of us, even though we may not always understand where He is taking us. Unfortunately, I also have great difficulties trying to hold on to faith in Hashem when events seem so cruel and unfair.

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While deeply disturbed that Steve is falling in love with a woman who is a dead ringer for his murdered former girlfriend, Dr.

Sloan begins watching his neighbors through binoculars and becomes convinced that one of them is a murderer.

In the middle of Friday night dinner, my seven-year-old son suddenly looked up from his bowl of chicken soup. I looked helplessly at my husband, waiting for him to answer my son who looked like he was near tears.

” And for a moment there was just complete silence at the table as our thoughts returned to the three kidnapped boys.

“Hashem (God) is with them on Shabbos,” my husband replied.

“He never left them.” My son looked pensive for a moment. ” The next day my friend was organizing a booklet to send to the boys’ families featuring Jewish children around the world holding “Bring Back Our Boys” signs.

It’s usually very hard to convince my boys to stay still for a picture, but to my surprise, they voiced not a whisper of protest.

All my three-year-old wanted to know was if the boys would see it. They all stood blinking in the hot summer sun, joining with the rest of the Jewish nation in this campaign to bring our boys home safely.

Afterwards, I sat with my son on the deck and showed him the photo on my phone, watching his face fill with a special, sweet pride in doing his own small part to help. “My Rebbe (teacher) taught me that every leaf has its own malach (angel), and not one leaf can move even an inch without Hashem wanting it to.” “Wow, that’s amazing,” I said.

I looked out at the thousands of leaves before us, and I thought about the power of that kind of faith. How it can revive us in the scorching heat of the desert.

How it can lead us through seemingly hopeless mazes.


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