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Here at Digital Trends, we aim to make sure none of you are getting ripped off, scammed, spammed, or taken advantage of by the vast number of cyber-punks who are out there to screw with your life.

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Interestingly, even though I never got a peep of a response from my Zamana’s ‘customer service’ contact when they started spamming everyone in my gmail contacts, once I contacted this founder, I immediately heard back from them.

I wanted to see if any of your other readers have complained about my Zamana because what they are doing is fraudulent and I’m hoping to put a stop to them!

Thanks, Heidi is described as “an online Indian dating service with modern ideas and methodologies” by Crunchbase.

Founded in 2008, the company is based in Boston, MA, and is run by its president and CEO Ashish Kundra, according to its business profile on Bloomberg Businessweek.

Update: In an email, my Zamana President and CEO Ashish Kundra expressed to me that highlighting this single section of the privacy policy is “a bit unfair.” And I agree — the very top of the my Zamana privacy policy states that, “With regard to your information, you own all of it and we will not share or sell it to any third-party.” “Let me be clear — we do not sell or rent any information,” wrote Kundra.

“We keep our users’ private information private, bottom line.” This is good policy, and I was wrong to leave it out. The problem with my Zamana is not the site itself as much as it is the company’s email-hijacking practices, mentioned by Heidi.

Here’s what happens: You receive an email that appears to be from someone you know — that’s the name listed as the sender.

Inside, a message reads, “[Your friend] has sent you a message.” Below that is a green, hyperlinked button that says “Read Message.” You are told to fill out a user profile first, then you’ll be able to see the message.

A search on Who Is turns up little — the site has a private registration through 1&1, a Web hosting company.


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