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This is the only resource you need as an Army family member!

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Military wives dating site dating lds site

Looking for general information about living the Army life? We cover everything from the FRG to health & wellness! Be sure to check out the guide that will walk you through step by step to surviving your first separation and will answer all of your questions about the Army lifestyle!

This is to you, the one who married the uniformed man. You, the one with whom he links arms, but not hands, because, of course, intertwined fingers aren’t authorized while in uniform.

This is to you, the one who planned your wedding alone while he was across the globe.

To you, the girl who met him at the airport and drove straight to the rehearsal.

To you, who spent one week with your new husband before he boarded a plane and flew away for the first six months of your marriage.

This is to you, the one who plans your career around being transient, knowing you won’t stay anywhere long.To you, the one whose resume is a mile long, but not because you can’t hold a job.You, the one who works at the bank, the salon, the retailer, the clinic, the studio, logging long hours to supplement military earnings. The one who reuses curtains, rearranges furniture, and transfers the pictures from one faded white wall to another.The one who hopes for an address in the good neighborhood, prays for quiet neighbors and crosses your fingers for appliances constructed during your lifetime. The one who dreams of paying a mortgage instead of rent.The one who forms community with people who don’t always understand the demands on your life, people who have family nearby, people who don’t plan to move away in three years.You, the one who ensures the military clause in your lease, ever prepared to break the contract if you’re ordered to move in less than a month.


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