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In 1429 when the earl of Oxford was fined £1,000 for marrying without a royal licence, Baynard was one of the ten men who stood surety, each in £100, to guarantee payment. Among the transactions of his later years were conveyances on behalf of Joan, Lady Abergavenny, Anne, countess of Stafford, and the latter’s sons, Humphrey, earl of Stafford, and Henry Bourgchier, count of Eu.

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Transactions on Fitzwalter’s behalf included the raising of a ransom following his capture in France, the trusteeship of his widespread estates, the sale of his inn in Old Jewry, London, and the settlement of the Devereux lands which had once belonged to his mother.

Even so, there is no sign that, unlike his associate Lewis John, he was ever a particularly intimate member of Beaufort’s circle.11Baynard continued to be in demand as a feoffee-to-uses, acting in the 1420s for the Dorewards, for Walter, 5th Lord Fitzwalter, and for John de Vere, earl of Oxford.

In the following year Baynard shared with the King’s uncle Bishop Beaufort of Winchester and others, including Lewis John*, the wardship of Thomas Coggeshall’s* grandson, and during the Parliament of 1423 he acted as the spokesman of a deputation to the Upper House expressing the Commons’ gratitude for having been informed of the progress of negotiations for the liberation of James I of Scotland and of his marriage to Beaufort’s niece.

Nevertheless, his Speakership failed to make a lasting impression on the government or to lead to royal preferment.

The following publications can be found at the Boston Public Library and the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) library in Boston.

The Massachusetts Archives has a published index for Suffolk County through 1894, for Essex County through 1840 and for Middlesex County through 1871.To date, indexes have been published and/or abstracted for Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk and Worcester counties. Baynard was returned with Tyrell to the Parliament which met that July and was dissolved on 21 Dec. — was the provision of a chaplain to pray for Baynard and members of his family in the church at Messing.14 He also made several wills, of which those dated 1400, 1420, 14 yet survive. He left about £25 in small sums to certain local churches and £5 to his poor and sick tenants. John’s, while Sir John Tyrell (now treasurer of the King’s household) and Robert Darcy were asked to be overseers. Among the tasks given to his impressive group of feoffees — who included not only his friends Tyrell, Darcy and Fox but also Sir John Martin j.c.p. John’s abbey, Colchester, and asked that 100 masses be said at his funeral. It is possible that he came to the duke’s attention through his acquaintance with Lewis John, by then a member of Bedford’s council.13Over the years and especially after his fourth marriage and the birth of legitimate children, Baynard had made several settlements of his estates.

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