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My daughter got her vaccinations recently, she is 5 years of age, she seem to have reaction, as a large amount of swelling occurr around the groin area and down her leg, could you tell me some of the reactions that can occur after the vaccination, the doctor has seen this and put it down to an allergy but im quite concerned about thismy husband is a kinesiologist and recommends that we examine just what is in the vaccines.

Anon - why would you want to put your child under the trauma and upset of 5 injections when one woudl do the same job. If there are trace amounts of mercury in the five in one vaccine it is not mercury free.

Yes, we should examine what is in vaccines, tho I can'rt se how a small amount of eg could harma child. If a child is hypersensative to mercury they can have an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

In the UK The Dept of Health say that the five in one vaccine they use does not contain mercury Why was a different five in one vaccine licensed in Ireland? the patient information leaflet from the manufacture of the vaccine and look up the ingredients and side effects. I most certainly wouldn\'t look for help from any internet site.

The mercury substance in vaccines is listed as Thimerosal. Everywhere I see anti-vaccine campaigners with no scientific or medical training pontificating on subjects they know nothing about.

Hi, my son is 12 and a half months and due his mmr. I do not want to give him vaccinations which contain even trace elements of mercury. Dera John, I know that I really have no choice about the mmr I will have to give it to my son. I think that maybe that I am reading too much material that is extremely negative and the positives will outweight the negatives. When I was young we didn't get as many vaccines as infants today, so why the rush to speed up the process rather than study the increase and the results.

Also I am preganant and worried that he will get rubella. I have read Wakefields reports and all the research I am not convinced about their scientific basis. Thanks again Why not give separate injections instead of the MMR? Throwing more than one live virus in at a time would make it hard to diagnose later problems surely?Bland reassurance / bullying from a GP isn't as good as an answer to that question.As parents we do NOT have to give our kids injections if we don't trust them, so how about a reason for no separate jabs??Why do males only get two vaccinations and females three?I am currently thirteen moving to secondary school and I am wondering why the amounts are different.I will be getting the vaccination in first year, but at what exact date I do not know.


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