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Probe Launched On Onion Scam: An inquiry has been launched by Anti Corruption Bureau into the onion scam by AAP that came to light earlier this week.An investigation has been ordered by Anti Corruption Branch of Delhi Govt on Wednesday into the alleged irregularities of Aam Aadmi Party in onion procurement and sale.The development comes after the BJP leader Vivek Garg has filed a complaint with the ACB over the onion scam and soght an investigation through the alleged irregularities.

He also said that the AAP govt is ready to face the investigation.

Manish Sisodia also accused the appointment of MK Meena as the ACB chief.

ACB Cheif MK Meena confirmed that a special team has formed to investigate the onion scam of AAP Govt.

MK Meena confirmed that a five member team was formed to look into the matter and if need more people will be be included into the team.

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Denying the allegations of Manish Sisodia, he said that the team has been formed only after receiving complaints of irregularities in procurement of onions.

The RTI has earlier alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party cheated the people by procuring onions from a central Govt Agency SFAC at a price of Rs 18 per kg and sold them to the people at a price of Rs 30 per kg.

It was found that the party purchased 2637 metric tonnes of onions between May 17 and June 17 through Small Farmer Business Consoritum from the markets of Nashik in Maharashtra and Indore in Madhya Pradesh at Rs 16 per Kg and sold them at Rs 40 per kg at first and later reduced the price to Rs 30 per Kg.


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